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Southern Fried Ribs

This golden-brown goodness is a different take on ribs! Southern “chicken fried” ribs are seasoned up, floured, and fried up for a ‘kwispy’ crunch with a juicy, meaty inside. Yessuh!

What you'll need:

Heat skillet. Place ribs in a large bowl. Add eggs and seasoning to ribs in bowl. Massage eggs and seasoning into ribs by hand. In a large zipper bag or bowl – depending on your preference, add flour and 2 tablespoons Kinder’s seasoning (begin with 4 cups of flour and add more depending on how many ribs you have). Add each rib individually to flour, cover rib well in flour. Remove from flour, place on baking pan with rack. Continue to flour each rib individually, placing each on baking pan with rack. Allow grease to drain from ribs and cool.

And that’s it! Plate ‘em up with your favorite side.

**Note: You can use more or less seasoning and ingredients to your liking**

If you want to catch some visuals of me preparing this dish, make sure you check out the video on YouTube!

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